Monday, September 12, 2011

balancing act...

This morning my counselor-self and mommy-self couldn't seem to get along. 

Counselor-self: rushing to get ready for a very important presentation on "Burnout" to HR leaders in a corporation. 

Mommy-self: running around the house with a crying baby in one arm who wasn't feeling well.

Counselor-self: Decided to wear her expensive black business pants (you know the ones from pre-mom days with a dry clean only tag) and her delicate polk-a-dot top from her favorite store {Zara}.

Mommy-self: fed little man on her lap and walked out the door with yogurt and snot mixture all over her pants and shirt. Lovely.

Counselor-self: Did a fabulous job in presentation and walked out of the board room feeling reenergized and proud of her work. 

Mommy-self:  Raced home to see her little man and give him a great big squeeze and kiss. She eventually changed out of her black pants.

Life is such a balancing act...but I am in love with it.

P.S. Thank you {Auntie Dar} and Mimi for helping out this morning with my little man. 

xoxo besitos,

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