Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rear facing still?

I often feel ridiculous when I am struggling to get little man into his rear-facing carseat...I know there are many out there that may think I am crazy or over protective but there is a reason for this I swear.

 My friend sent me this link to Breezy Mama's blog and it made me think twice about whether I wanted to move to a forward facing car seat.  In the article I read, "Studies have shown that toddlers in a rear-facing car seats are five times safer and 75% less likely to experience serious head injury or die than their forward-facing peers." 75%....amazing right?

 Children have larger heads in proportion to their bodies as shown in the awkward little photo above. (I love how this kid's underwear gradually changes into tighty-whities as an adult) So, it just makes sense to protect their little heads.

Watch this and you too will want to be riding facing backwards!

So, to my mister or anyone who doesn't quite understand why I keep little man rear-facing still... it is because I am trying to protect his little head, neck and spine. So, there.

besitos, xoxo

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