Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Monday...sorta.

It's been one of those Mondays...nothing went as planned. 

I stayed up late skyping and editing Bianca's Album cover (which I am totally excited about)...then...

just as I shut my eyes...Little Man awoke crying... not just any old cry but the "help me" scream...

he had a fever...

we were up most of the night...

it was hard to peel myself off the floor of his bedroom (where we both FINALLY fell asleep) this morning.

Then, thinking it was Tuesdsay this morning I frantically (with Little Man screeching  in the background) dialed my supervisor at the Hospital to tell her I was unable to make it to supervision...
she responded very confused:

 "Do you normally work on Mondays?"...

Um it's not Tuesday?? Crap.

Then in her nurturing voice she responded:

 "You sound like a mommy who could use some sleep hun...don't worry about tomorrow."

That obvious huh?

But it was then that I realized that I WAS scheduled for supervision... but with my Play Therapy supervisor who I had no way of, I bolted out the door leaving Dar with a very grumpy child (and what I hear was a horrifying diaper) can't thank you enough Dar!

Needless to say...I am tired.  

So where is Music Monday you ask...

well...oddly enough a similar craziness happened to Bianca... starting with staying up until 4 in the morning finalizing the album cover (the project we both thought would take 20 minutes max)...

then, she was just about to send her her music Monday song over...when I received a text saying:

 "I had to go to the hospital with a neighbor...will do video later though."

"What? are you okay?" I responded...but don't worry she is fine. I'll get more details later.

 So, this is Music Monday... I am putting some Music FOR MOMMIES who have had a rough morning and need to hop in a bubble bath and relax while listening to her soothing voice. Seriously...go do it...

In raiding Bianca's YouTube videos- I came across this one that I had never seen before of her recording in the studio... I can't wait for her new album!!!

Life is so unpredictable. 
You never know what weed or wish will come your way.

Let us know B how it went!

Besitos, xoxo


  1. That's so funny, I didn't even realize that in my text, I didn't specify that it wasn't ME who had to go to the hospital. I had to take my neighbor there. Everything turned out just fine though, so no worries. And next week's Music Monday is going to be fab- so keep checking!

  2. Glad it's all good...I really did take a bubble bath and listen to your tunes B. It was much needed.

  3. That was beautiful Bianca! So relaxing. Let me know where I can buy the new album when it is done. Good blogging, as alway, Cristi! Mine has been neglected for far too long. eish.