Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weed and Wish of the day...

WEED: staying up with little man for four hours in the middle of the night... then missing early morning cycling class because I was too sleepy.

WISH: having little man reach across and put his arm around me during those sleepless four hours and I did make it to pm cycling class.

What were YOUR weeds and wishes of the day?

TRY THIS: make it a tradition to ask each family member at the dinner table what their "weed" and "wish" was for the day. Great way to have family conversation and acknowledge the "highlights" or "lowlights" of each and every day.  



  1. Weed of the day- horrible cough.
    Wish of the day- gave me an excuse to stay home today take care of myself a little bit better.

  2. Weed: We went to the corn maze before it opened and were thoroughly disappointed to have missed the pony rides!

    Wish: We went to the park instead and were thoroughly wowed by the slides and the crunchy fallen leaves in the gutters!

  3. Yes! I love those! Thanks for posting Jess and Bianca!