Saturday, December 3, 2011

Poop facial anyone?

We have had several messy moments this of them being this morning in Walmart's Parking lot where little man threw up all over his car seat. Lovely.

But the winner goes to our incident yesterday morning. Little man woke up with a nasty diaper (his stomach hasn't been quite the same since Cabo)...I will spare you details on the description... but it was soggy... really really soggy. Little man tantruming because he didn't want his diaper changed ripped the diaper right out of my hands...thus sending poop flying through the air and splattering all over his face. Eyelashes, nostrils, mouth, hair-  nothing was left untouched. I mean it looked like I had shoved his face in his diaper- no lie.  Despite his unwillingness to hop in the bath- I hosed him off in the tub anyhow...

...this made him even more mad.

 ...really really  mad.

Crying and rolling around on the floor for ten minutes straight, he finally crawled into my arms with a teddy bear in one arm and a blanket in the other.  

There we sat on the floor...just the two of us. And I cradled him like the babe he once was.

I secretly loved it.

I hate that little man is sick. I hate that he is growing up so fast. but I sure love his cuddles this weekend.


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