Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gift# 5- Laugh out loud.

Warning: You are about to see an OVERLOAD of photos from a photo shoot that little man and I did. 

We did a photo shoot for How Does She  (over here) talking about  how to coordinate wardrobes for family photo shoots. My sister-in-law Dar and I have been swapping taking each other's photos for How Does She and then editing them thank you Dar for taking so many great ones!   I had a hard time narrowing down which ones to choose for my out-takes. 

Speaking of out-takes. I feel like each day is one huge out-take. Looking through these photos I am reminded by all the laughing I do on a daily basis with this little man. He surprises me every day. 

We started the shoot off right with some frozen yogurt from Goodies in Hyde Park.

However, little man for some reason wasn't into ice cream that day. Who isn't into ice cream?

But he sat long enough to get a few shots...


...well almost. 

Random moments caught on film:  Like when Little Man ran through my legs. Awkward. 

Or when he randomly semi kisses or more like semi licks my face. Awesome.

...and moments like these where he'll look everywhere BUT the camera. 

...Or when he hides behind you and points to everything he knows how to say. 

 ...Or when random people in the street want to pick up your kid and raise him over their head. No, I don't know this man.

Or when the ice cream idea failed and we had to put it down for a brief moment.

But within in the five minutes of leaving our ice cream, a stray dog came and ate it. I am not lying. A random street dog came out of nowhere and snatched our ice cream.  :( 

Or when you think that you are going to have a cute moment holding hearts for a Valentines photo and Little Man uses that opportunity to run away instead.  

Or when you let him have bubble gum (a no no when taking photos btw) and having him drop it and then pick it up from the sidewalk and eat it.

Having him give you spontaneous hugs and kisses. He may have said he "loved me." It may have melted my heart. 

It is moments like these that make buying this ridiculous balloon and having two ice cream cones go to waste all worth it.   

All in all it was a great day. 

 I got to love on this kid.

Who could ask for anything more?

Gift #5: Laugh. A lot.




  1. Ok, this post had me laughing so hard! I love all the classic moments...random guy picking up your kid, random dog eating your ice cream (worst ever!!), and little man eating gum that fell on the floor and looking up at you because he knows he's not really supposed to do that. Just so cute, what a fun photo shoot.

  2. I love how he is not at all interested in the photo shoot and all the things that could happen. I do worry about random people picking him up.