Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday was overtaken by this dreaded sickness...

Dearly lovely readers,

This is Bianca (Bee) writing to all today to tell you that I am truly sorry that there was no Music Monday post today! I have two songs that I wrote last week about feelings that I'm really excited to share. 

You see, what happened today was that I had the day off of work (President's Day and one would think, "What a perfect day for blogging!") so I thought I'd get up and record the Music Monday songs and send them off to the wonderful land of blogdom, and go on my merry way...

However, instead I woke up with a soar throat that hurt like a mother, so I decided I'd better go to an insta-care kind of place to make sure it wasn't strep. Close to 4 hours later, I returned home with a prescription for antibiotics. (Note: Never go to insta-care in the Bronx on a Monday holiday unless you intend to go at 8 in the morning...or else you will be sitting in the same room with lots of other sick people for a very long time.)

Here's a little photo I shot while waiting to find out the results (after hours of waiting in that tiny little room you see full of other people who are waiting.)

On a brighter make up for not posting today, I will post 2 songs for Music Monday next week (Or I may post one toward the end of this week, and one on Monday of next week). So keep posted! I think you'll enjoy these next songs...the kids at work really enjoyed them last week.

Hope you all have a happy (strep free) week!



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