Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From fever to monster spray.

It was 12:30am and I was sound asleep when I heard a scream of agonizing pain and fear coming from Little Man's room. Like a canon I shot up and leaped out of bed to his room to find him completely petrified of whatever "monster" was in the corner of his bed. Isn't it amazing as mothers how quickly we can wake up with a sound like that? We must have momdar always on- even in our sleep. 

  His temperature read 103.6- which I know for some of you may have not been a big deal but it was the highest temp he ever has had and whats a newer mom to do?

 Bringing him into bed with me after attempting to give him a bath and some Tylenol, I watched him relax into my arms and drift off to sleep... but soon after that again SCREAMS of pain as his calf muscles would freeze into hard rocks and his body would shake out of fear as he clung on to me afraid to even open his eyes. He acted as if there was something wanting to eat his legs or as if there were bugs crawling all over him. He tried to touch whatever he saw and kept looking around at things that weren't there in such fear. For a moment he didn't even recognize me and began calling out for me trying to escape my arms as I tried to reassure him that I was indeed his mom. This was too weird.

What do you do at that point? The Mister acted as if it would pass and we should just wait it out... but my  instinct told me that something could be seriously wrong. Hallucinating can't be normal right? It has to be related to something going on in the brain and that scared me. I found myself wide awake- adrenalin pumping but feeling unsure and helpless at the same time. Turning to google as my teacher (mistake)- and to hopefully finding peace of mind- I could only find worse case scenarios- One article I read spoke of possibility of meningitis... yikes.

After several more hallucination episodes and screams of pain and fear- I had had enough...we had to go to the Emergency Room. 

It was now 2:30am...  2 hours, a set of xrays, cool rags, and a lot of  temperature taking (which little man was not a fan) we left the hospital  at 4:30am. Little man had the beginning of what looked like pneumonia. So, it is good we went to the doc right?? Right? Not sure if Mister thinks so...?

Needless to say it was a long night. I spent the rest of the night holding him as I stayed awake with the anticipation that he will start screaming.  He did a few times that night (or should I say morning)but finally fell asleep and stayed asleep.

Not me... I couldn't... I felt like I wanted to be awake and ready for whatever came my way. Again my Momdar- how do you turn that off?
Today, he seems to be on the mend... at least not hallucinating- just petrified of monsters and being alone in the dark and has to look around before we go into any room. Poor guy. We were just barely were getting over a little phase he was going through of waking up in the night and looking for me. He was just sleeping through the night again. Now he seems to always be on the lookout for monsters lurking in corners.
Here is a trick ...it's called "Monster Spray." Find a spray bottle- especially one with more of a mist like stream- and add water with lavender oil and there you go- Monster Spray. You can also take the label off of Fabreeze and use that. It not only helps fight the fear of monsters but smells good and is relaxing well.
It seems to be working.
Cross my fingers.
I had some real ah ha moments last night as I layed awake watching him sleep...but I am too sleepy to share. Soon...maybe even tomorrow.


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  1. My little guy has had hallucinations/delerium when he's had high fevers that won't break. They are so scary. I'm so sorry. Hopefully that never happens again.