Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Got Art? Make a Mother's Day card!

I have so many finger paintings around my home from Little Man that I am not sure what to do with them all. At first, I just hung them on the fridge (until they fell off each time opening the fridge) or on a little art display wall and admired at what talent my little boy had in making incredible squiggles and hand prints... that is until we made more... and more... and more art... and the piles around the house began to grow. Yes, it's true. I confess- I am a pile person. I have a problem of piling something that I plan on putting away later. (sometimes it could be months though)

And obviously- I don't have the heart to throw out these beautiful lovelies. After-all, it is his self-expression and his own little art journal.  But I am afraid if   if I don't do something quick then I am going to be on The Hoarders episode titled: "Buried Alive in Finger Paintings" 

So here is a cute idea my friend Nicole came up with to make Mother's Day cards that are similar to Eric Carle Books. If you don't know these are missing out. I LOVE them!

1. Take your child's masterpiece (with their permission of course) and find different interesting shapes.

2. Cut out shapes. 

3. Glue it to your card.

4. Give this to your mom for mother's day. 

Easy huh? Here are some other flowers I laid out.

It's perfect for a last minute mother's day card don't you think??

Besitos, xo

P.S. Thanks for those of you who commented or emailed for the visual schedule printables part one. I am working up some more and will have a way for you to download right here on the blog! So-stay tuned.


  1. i thought this was the BEST idea! i saw the one you made for mimi and just loved it! she may be getting a lot more in the future haha

  2. What a fantastic idea! I am so glad I just found your blog- I became a new follower. Have a great weekend :)