Monday, May 14, 2012

The lessons I learned from mi Mami.

Side Note: This post was supposed to be up on Mother's Day (yesterday) as a gift to my mom...but seeing as my husband was out of town and I spent the day making my own breakfast, dinner, preparing a lesson, baking cookies, and chasing after a two year old who decided to nap at church and not at home- It didn't happen. I must admit that I was somewhat envious of the mother's who reported on their breakfast in beds, flowers, and bubble baths. But the trail of a two-year-old (literally chocolate finger prints everywhere) was a reminder that I am very much a mother of a young child and to me that is the greatest gift I could ask for. 

So on with this post...

I was going through some photos and came across this family photo. I noticed my little hand grasping onto my mom's finger. This is all too familiar. How I love to have Little Man's hands in mine. Being a mother myself I realize the love and connection that my mom and I must have and still have. Every stage that Little man is going through (good moments and tough moments) my mom has been through. She is an exceptional woman who taught me so many things. 

I just had to ask her a few questions:

ME: What advice to you give mothers of this generation?

MOM: The advice I can give mothers of this generation is the same advice I was given by a middle aged woman at the time when I had a five and two year old: "Enjoy each precious moment with your girls because they do grow up way too fast." I now understand exactly what she meant.

ME: How do you put service in your daily life?
MOM: Service needs to come from the heart, it can't be forced. Be an example by serving others and most likely your children will do the same.

ME: What is your favorite thing about being a mother?
MOM: My greatest satisfaction as a mom is to watch my children do things better than me and to know that despite of their mother, they turned out great!

ME: Any other thoughts?

MOM: I am grateful for the opportunity I had to be a mom. What a great honor it is. I am also mindful of women who never had this blessing  and for them, Mother's day must be hard. I can only hope that they may find ways to help other children in need of love and attention and that eventually they can also be called "mom". The sweetest words a woman could ever hear.


What have I personally learned from my mom? 

1. Education is important. 
She was doing homework along side of us and graduated from BYU last year!

2. Stand up for what you believe in.
 My mom has been an advocate for women, children , and the latino population. She has volunteered countless hours as the Honorary Consulate of El Salvador, teaching parenting as a parent advocate,  and serving the people El Salvador. She is so not afraid to get on the microphone and tell others what she believes. 

3. Serve others- even while you are on vacation. 

My mom always had her hand in service everywhere she went. As a family we always packed a suitcase for ourselves and one for someone in need when we traveled. 

4. Love your children and their spouses.
My mom is each of our number one fans. I can always count on her to be one of those who actually reads my blog or shares everything we do on facebook. And she adores her son-in-laws as well and is constantly telling all of us and (other people) how proud she is of us. I love that. 

Happy Mother's Day Mamita. 

Te amo mamá. 
Besitos, xo


  1. Thank you love. One thing I do know is that if I ever wonder about having been a good mom, I get comfort in watching how amazing you all have turned out and is enough for me.

  2. What a beautiful post about your mom. I love it! Your blog is so cute. Love the design. New follower!

    I'm having a fun giveaway going on right now!