Friday, July 20, 2012

My love for my BabbaBox and GIVEAWAY CLOSED

It came. 
The package I have been waiting for.

The BababaBox from BabbaCo.  
I must tell you how excited I was- it was like Christmas!
 I carefully opened the box lid...

Peeled back the cute little sticker...

To find that the theme this month was: "The Way I Feel."
My favorite topic!

...And there it was a magical box full of activities, creative crafts, exploration games, and a book all revolving around feelings!

I mean there was EVERYTHING...

...from a little tiny glue bottle to a pair of scissors! I never had to get up once to find something I needed. 

In one of the "Explore" sections we found the coolest "Feeling Finder" shades. 

 You and your child can put them on and explore and identify how other's are feeling. As a mental health counselor working with children- I can't tell you enough the importance of teaching our kiddos to learn how to "read" the facial expressions of others. It activates the part of the brain that increases emotional intelligence and increases their empathy and self identifying their own emotions. 

There was also a "Feeling Journal" where your child can track the feelings they find that day. Like if they see mommy laughing- they get to put a happy face in their journal. But watch out-if mommy is grumpy- (they go hide in the closet) then they put the mad face on.

Then, we made sock puppets and acted out many different feelings. 

Playing sock puppets with one hand while trying to take photos in the other- nearly impossible. But believe me- those sock puppets Henry and Wilma followed us everywhere throughout the day. 
Love it.

And as if BabbaCo didn't think of everything already...they included a little gift for me. 
Awwwww... I heart them.

And wanna know the best part?? 
You can get one.
BabbaCo is giving one lucky WeedstoWishes reader a FREE BabbaBox!!
*Offer ends Monday July 30th*

Lots of quick options to enter below:

Good luck! and Enjoy!



  1. I have been working on feeling with my son for a while now. It would be great to get some help and good ideas. Thank you so much for your blog, I know a lot has happened in your life and I am glad you can share your love and family.

    1. Thanks Kristy! Glad to hear that- Feelings are so imporant! Great Name by the way!! ;)

  2. Love the box! Such a great guided learning tool!

  3. My son is going to love this box! My bloggy bestie got one of these boxes, and she told all about how much fun she had with her some making the crafts and exploring the other goodies in the box. I'm sure Otto is going to have a blast.

  4. I love these boxes!! I have been wanting to subscribe for awhile now, and hope to once I start my new job. It's such a great idea. It makes things so easy to enjoy craft and learning time with the kids.

  5. Wow! I'm constantly looking for activities to do with Leah. Because I always have to adapt them, which is work, I love when the activity itself is already figured out for me!! Loooooove!

  6. I have been thinking about the need to expand my boys' emotional vocabulary. This comes at the perfect time!

  7. I would love just to have something NEW for my daughter to try out. She gets bored easily with the same things.

  8. I would LOVE to win a BabbaBox. My son has a speech delay so I've been looking into activities/books that might assist in his progress. That is when I stumbled upon your blog. I love the concept behind BabbaBoxes and would love a try at it! Thanks so much for a chance to win! :)

  9. thanks for a chance to win for my son!!!

    1. i would like to win a babba box because my son is 3 and its hard for me to find activities to keep him interested.

  10. I really want this for my 4-year-old little boy. He's an only child and we are always looking for fun actitivies to do together. I love the different elements of BabbaBox & how everything is included =)

  11. This is fabulous - can be used at my work (elementary school) or at home with our kids! I'm definitely looking for ways to grow their empathy!

  12. Wow this is fantastic! I am so happy that you shared this because I had never heard of the Babbabox before. I love everything they have included and would love to win inorder to share this great fun filled box with my son!

  13. My three kiddos would love this! We are always looking for fun, educational things to do. Of course, they'll have battles over who gets to go first!

  14. This would be perfect for my kids! We are always looking for fun new crafty things to do together!

  15. I would love to win for my grandson. I try to give him the best and this box looks so fun and educational!

    Thanks for a chance to win.
    Chelsea N.
    hongstrata @ aol . com