Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grandma's Peaches.

Today Little Man and I went for a walk outside and he felt a slight breeze on his face and he said, "It's wind mom."
 Then a few moments later he followed it up with, "It's good."

Yes, it is good I thought. I would have never even noticed it if he hadn't pointed out to me.

I love how children live so much in the moment and really experience life aroud them like it is their first time.
One thing that gets me excited every time as if it were the first time I ever had them are these:

I love peaches... but not just any grocery peach...I love fresh juicy peaches from my grandmother's tree.

 And I just read 5 ways to use them here on how does she.



  1. Oh man, oh man...probably my 3rd favorite thing about Summer...fresh peaches!

    1. I am dying to know what your top 2 are??