Saturday, September 15, 2012


My little man has been sick and I have been up with him a few nights in a row.  

 But honestly, I secretly love it. 

Well, not that he sick- I hate that part- but I love that I get a little extra time to just wrap my arms around his little body and kiss his warm squishy cheeks as he sleeps in my arms.

Is it normal to just want to hug and kiss your child all the time? I mean all the time- I feel like I could seriously cuddle with him all day and not get sick of it.

Is he going to have issues as a grown man because his mother was always smothering him with kisses and cuddles.

When does that stop?

 I just love that kid.

One day he will be all grown up and I won't be able to cradle him in my arms anymore on his sick nights. Well, maybe I could- but most likely it would just be plain awkward- mostly for his wife.

Anyhow- that is what is on my mind and my heart this morning. I woke up (WAY too early) from a night of restless sleep but with a full heart. A heart full of gratitude for these two boys in my life.

I love them.

That's all.

{Throwing rocks with daddy-" boy stuff" }

besitos, xo

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  1. I completely feel the same way when my little ones are sick--I have a very active 3 year old that really only allows me to snuggle with him and hold him for very long at all when he's not feeling well. I hate that he's sick, but love it at the same time. We have to appreciate those moments!