Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Messy hands- delicious bread.

Yes this is what making bread with a three year old looks like. 

Monday I made bread for the second week in a row. Wahoo...this is a big deal for me because my baking/cooking skills have all come from google, pinterest, and youtube as my teachers- so you can imagine the amount of time it has taken to learn such a skill and I don't take it for granted. Sorry mama but there was not a lot of cooking going on in our house when we grew up.

 Much to my surprise, the mister mistakenly asked something like this, "Why don't you just buy bread at Great Harvest each week and call it good.... You are always complaining of the mass amount of work and photos you have to edit and it seems like you keep adding time consuming things on your plate like making bread each week." 

Death Glare.

 My first thought was- "No he didn't just say that." Second thought was-"Okay, store bread from now on for you and little man and I will enjoy our own loaf of fresh bread."

The thing I realized at that moment and had to explain to him was that baking bread is one of those things that I  LOVE to do and is what I want to be spending my free time doing rather than staring at a computer screen all day long. There is nothing better than Little Man and I spending the time together and getting our hands messy...really messy. Plus who doesn't like fresh bread?

I was thinking today about how sometimes, I feel weird. Sometimes I feel it's not cool to be so in love with just playing and baking bread at home with my son. I feel like I have to defend my decision. But honestly, It's the truth and genuinely who I really am. Maybe a few years ago I would have thought it was crazy to spend the kind of time it takes to make bread- especially when a three-year-old is involved. But today, I can't think of anything that brings me greater joy than that little guy. 

Why wouldn't I want to spend my time with him and create memories. I am sure there will be a day where he won't want to hangout with me anymore...I better soak up every moment I have while it's here. 

That's all.

I am still enjoying our delicious bread. If I could reach out into your computer screen I would give you a piece!

besitos, xo

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