Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finding Center...

Today I heard the doorbell ring. It was Little Man looking up at me with two dandelion seeds in his hands. "Make a wish mom," he whispered as he handed me mine. I smiled. I love that my son loves blowing dandelions just as much as I do. So, that is just what we did. I watched the seeds float away and I treasured that moment. It's moment like these that brings me back to center. Hence the reason I titled this blog, "Weeds to Wishes." 

Life for me is finding those little beautiful moments that come to me ever day and making them outshine those not so beautiful moments that also make it's appearance on a daily basis. 

I truly believe in the importance of taking time out (whatever that looks like for each individual) to get back to center.  I am just not my best mom when I haven't had sufficent sleep, food, family time, alone time or time to just fact if too much distraction and busyness creeps back into my life...I am grouchy. Ask my family. 

It's the reason that I made the decision this summer to stop counseling individual clients. I needed some time out to just focus on being a mom. Not to mention- I just couldn't stand the thought of missing out on moments like this one and it wasn't worth being a grouchy mom over. Is that how I want my little ones to remember me by...a stress case? One day I will get back to work when my kids are older... But for now I have dandelions to blow with my little ones.

Hope your day is full of little moments like this one.

Besitos, XO

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