Monday, November 25, 2013

We grow old because we stop PLAYING.

 I was 9 years old when I was watched the movie "Hook" with Robin Williams- you know the one I am talking about? "Looky looky- I've got a hooky." Anyone? I remember specifically promising myself that I would never turn into a boring stuffy adult who had forgotten how to play. Never. 

But somewhere along the way- play became less and less a part of my life. Why is that? It wasn't cool  to play with dolls or barbies anymore. Then eventually- I stopped imagining all together...that is until high school when I had the opportunity to volunteer at a center with troubled kids. I re-discovered the magical world of play and imagination again! That entire year I was on the ground playing, observing, and just being a kid. I was hired right out of high school and started my first "real job" that summer and my love for working with children was born. 

 We once knew how play before- why don't we do it anymore? 

For us takes PRACTICE!

The more you sit on the floor and are 100% available- your child will let them into their world and you will once again have a glimpse of the magical world of play and pretend.

I love it.

besitos, xo

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