Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vision Board 2014: My Role as a Wife

I am over  >here<  today sharing with you how I went about my 2014 vision board this year. 
Today I share with you my vision board for my role as a wife.

Out of all my vision boards this is probably one I need to work on the most. At times I feel like I have given so much to the demands of my children that by the time Mister comes home- there is nothing left to give...I am tired, wiped out and ready to sleep. Oh how understanding Mister is... I keep telling him (and myself) that it is just a phase of life...I will get back to me- to us- one day I promise.

But I am so often reminded by the mistakes of my parents who slowly and quietly drifted apart and divorced later in life...that scares me. I can't let my relationship with my spouse be put on the back burner to focus on later. I always want to be working towards the ideal of what I want. Why can't I have it all? Who says it's not possible?

So I closed my eyes and envisioned what I wanted to see...

I saw us awake in bed one night- no kids- no phones- no laptops- just cuddling and pillow talking about our day and the funny things the kids did. I saw us laughing and flirting over dinner while holding hands. I saw little written notes of appreciation left behind for one another like we used to when we were dating. We were happy. We were in love and our kids new that. It was magical.

I see: 
-a partnership
-a team working together
-weekly meetings
-scheduled date nights
-serving one another

I feel:
-his embrace
-his kisses

I smell:
-the dinners I prepare
-popcorn at the movies
-my perfume I put on just for him
-chocolates and flowers

I hear: 
-words of appreciation and encouragement
-I love you every day
-flirty words
-silence...kids are asleep. Cell phones and laptops are off.

I taste:
-ice cream
-food from our favorite restaurants
-my lip gloss 

Sigh... isn't dreaming wonderful? As I write this out and read it in my head...I realize that we are pretty close to this dream...It's nothing new... I just feel like there are so many more distractions that suck up time away from one another. It's about setting boundaries and scheduling time to make this just as much if not more of a priority as my role as a mother. It's the best gift I can give my kids...two parents who love each other and care enough to make their relationship a priority. Even if it just begins with me and what I do.

Don't forget to head over here on How Does She today and learn more about creating your own personal vision board!

besitos, xo

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