Thursday, January 9, 2014

Visionboard 2014: My Home

Yesterday we woke up to a driveway full of snow and a case of pink eye. 
Needless to say, it was a stay home day. 
And it was glorious... no obligation to be anywhere and plenty of snow to stomp around and play in. I love days like this. I think I finally am getting over my post holiday blues and embracing reality... But it's not too hard when my reality is spent home playing with my littles.

Sometimes that is the problem though. That is all I really feel like doing... housework... not so much. But I do love a clean and organized home. it's got to be maintained. Anyone know of someone I could hire? I forgot to add her to my vision board. :) Seriously though...I may need help with this one.

When envisioning my vision boards I originally just rolled Home into Motherhood into one...but as I got started on the vision boards- I realized that the Home needed it's own vision board. It is a space rather than an actual role... and it needs it's own undivided attention over here.

I see:
-organized space
-countertops without piles 
-a family working together 
-traditions and daily rituals
-forts being built
-bright pieces of furniture
-photographs of my family on the wall
-guests coming over for dinner

I feel:
-bread dough under my fingertips
-tiny hands in mine
-my apron around my waist

I smell:
-fresh flowers
-dinner on the stove
-fresh bread

I hear:
-family prayer
-kind words exchanged 
-kids playing outside
-greetings at the door

I taste:
-homemade bread
-hot breakfast
-fresh garden veggies

Mmmmm....doesn't that sound nice? Is it too ideal? Why not strive for ideal right?

That's all. Kiddos are asleep still and I just may get a shower in this morning if I hurry!

besitos, xo

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  1. I am now home alone. All the memories of having my girls in the home are so far removed that sometimes I wish I could go back in time and do it over again and this time do it right. However I am so glad you learned from peoples' mistakes and are not doing what is trendy which is everything but stay at home with your precious little ones. You broke that chain and now you have realized what it means to be present as a mother. Thanks for your determination in working hard at being a good mom!