Friday, May 9, 2014

Red Balloons for Ryan: Tribute to Mother's Who have Lost

Being a mother is vulnerable. You feel so much indescribable love for your children that at times your heart feels as if it will burst with this love. But you know how vulnerable love can be for your heart... because that same heart could experience great heart ache and pain in the next second if anything were to ever happen to the person you love. It is the risk we have as mothers. It is the fear we have stored in the back of our minds as mothers. When we hear about losses of young people...we feel a little heaviness in our hearts. I have been feeling this for the past week since I heard about this little boy loosing his life and the pain his mother must be feeling.

One week ago today, Jacqui Saldana author of Baby Boy Bakery lost her sweet little boy in a freak accident where he was playing at a family member's home when he ran to catch a Frisbee and was hit by a car. 
He seemed to be a little boy full of spunk and life and his parents just seemed to adore and enjoy every moment with him. I have been amazed on how the online community has supported and rallied behind this family. Because as mothers, we all know and don't know at the same time the pain they must feel with this loss.
Her best friend Alissa Circle, wrote on her blog about the tragedy and encouraged her readers to not only pray for the family, but to also share Ryan's story as a way to remember the boy. 
 The hashtag is:
Keep these families along with other families who have lost a loved one in your prayers.

Last Thursday night, I got to listen to the mother of this sweet little girl. This is Emily who died in the Sandy Hook shooting a few years ago. Her mother said, "Everyone would come up to me and say they were sorry and how it was their nightmare- but I didn't want to be defined by a nightmare."
I was inspired by her words and her strength. 

This video is just absolutely amazing. Grab a tissue.

besitos, xo

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