Monday, June 20, 2011

Mindful Toast

Mindful Toast

Being present with our children can be difficult in this world full of distractions. Speaking as a recovering multi-tasker and busy body myself... I must say it definitely takes practice. So how does one become mindful?
I say start with something small... just with something you do every day like eating. Start by sitting down for a meal in utter silence and just observing and taking the time to use all your senses as you partake of your meal.

 Today I decided to experience mindfully eating toast with the yummy peach, mango, and orange jam I got from Costco... mmmmm.... you gotta go try it!

Here was my description of my mindful toast.
 I take the two slices of bread and put it up to my nose to smell and then observe the texture and feeling of the bread.
I plop the bread in the toaster and listen to it whoosh down as the red hot metal thingies begin to warm it up. The room slowly begins to fill up with the scent of warm baking bread and before I know it- the toaster POPS up with energy and enthusiasm. Then, I dip my knife into butter and spread a liberal amount all over (not neglecting the corners) as I watch it melt and seep into the bread. MMMM then I scoop up  a glob of Peach Mango Orange Jam and slowly spread it over every square inch of the bread. I smell the bread and then listen to the slow and loud crunch as I sink my teeth into the soft buttery jam. I make sure I chew as slowly as I possibly can and really taste as I savor all the flavors  before swallowing.

MMMMM... you hungry yet? Now go and sit down for a mindful meal to see what it is like!  Let me know how it goes for you!

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