Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Offical...

It is official... my blog layout is done. Ta Da... and I love it! Jenna not only was so awesome to work with- but she did a fabulous job! Check out her design work here! You don't know how excited I am...it's like Christmas...

Why the new blog? Because it's about time.  I am now looking through a new lens... a new chapter in my life that began the day I had my little boy over a year and a half ago. All of sudden all the things I knew as a counselor specializing in children and parenting seemed to blur together. All of a sudden, I looked at parents that sat before me in session in such a different light. My hat is off to you.

So now no excuses... it is now time... time to consolidate my blogs and make my life easier. Time to get... eh hem... people who want to read and follow me through this journey...I know it is not much yet...but just wait. 

Top ten reasons you should follow this blog:

1. To get ideas and tips on how to encourage healthy mental health in our children.
2. So I have at least one other follower besides my mom (love you mom)
3. To have access to all my favorite parenting resources
4. To be inspired on how to find humor and playfulness in parenting
6. To link and share ideas you have done- I always want to see what others are doing!
8. To laugh at comical stories  (you'll see that counselors don't always know what they are talking about)
9. To view my world through my photographs
10. and most importantly to WIN KILLER GIVEAWAYS. 

In order to most fully appreciate the wish in a dandelion- we must acknowledge the weed as well.  Welcome to Weeds to Wishes.

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