Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Why do I find  myself aimlessly walking around TARGET looking for things to buy! What about that store makes me want to explore? I can spend hours in there!
So, I thought to THANK YOU for reading and following my about another GIVEAWAY? 

How about a $20 Target Gift Card to show my appreciation?

Want to enter? 
All you have to do is three steps:
#1 leave a comment below telling me which dress (from Target's clearance rack btw) you like better on me...option 1 (yellow) or  option 2  (blue)? I really don't need both...well maybe I do.

#2 be a FOLLOWER (if you are not already)
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#3 "like" my facebook page (if you haven't already)  
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That's are official. 


Besitos, xoxo


  1. I like the yellow. Gotta love Target clearance rack!

  2. Okay, you are too adorable. The yellow for sure, although I'm not sure there isn't anything you can't pull off!

  3. hmm...i seriously can't decide. the thoughts inside my head just went, "yellow. no blue. wait, yellow." so, you need both. although the yellow is a bit more fall-ish. love them both!

  4. LOVE the yellow! Not many people can pull that color, it screams "fall." Gotta love Target!

  5. Holy shizballs I got the yellow one! Then I took it back because it streched and looked ridiculous on a large bottom girl like me. However, on you it looks simply smashing. I vote yellow fur sure.

  6. I love anything that mustard yellow! Especially this time of year.

  7. yellow is in the lead! Giveaway ends Sunday night!!

  8. I like the yellow on you. Looks amazing!

  9. I think you can rock them both! Hot stuff! Love Target!

    I'm liking you and I tried to follow you but got a funny message, "we are unable to handle your request... try later." What???

    You're inspiring girlfriend!

  10. blue to match your eyes.

    get some proof indigo lens shades to go with it.

    thinks about it.

  11. Thanks Everyone for your help in choosing...Yellow it is. Perfect weather for fall color now!