Thursday, September 1, 2011

300 giggles a day.

Did you know that preschoolers giggle an average of 300 times a day?

 What would happen if we did that?

I just LOVE hearing my little man giggle...and guess what is a guaranteed laugh each pretending to slip and fall... he thinks I am hilarious. Well, I am. I really have it down.
According to Playful Parenting:

don't be afraid to:

sing goofy songs
 fall over (my little man loves this one)
make funny faces
pretend cry
 have pillow fights
 tell jokes
use made up words
play dumb
use a silly voice
talk out loud to a toy or puppet
pretend you are an animal or character 

 "If you are frustrated because you have to remind your child for the twelfth time to pack her lunch or take out the garbage, next time try singing the request in a fake opera voice instead..."- Larence Cohen, PhD

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  1. My preschooler is the MASTER of made-up words!! I love that he is so creative, while that is definitely a "muscle" I need to develop. And here's a reminder people: they don't like your silliness forever, so don't delay! My older boy is SO ANNOYED when we change up the lyrics to a song! :)