Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get a little messy.

Today we woke up feeling like getting a little messy. So, out came the shaving cream... nothing is better than shaving cream because it's a quick and easy clean up.  Young kiddos are using all their senses to learn and explore their world and rubbing things through their fingers is part of it. So get MESSY!

Idea: spray some shaving cream on both sides of the window- then each of you take one side of the window and mimic whatever your child is doing! It promotes a lot of giggles and they love feeling watched and connected that way. 

Draw or write a love notr to each other as well. 
Great way to connect with one another. 

WARNING: this is SUPPOSED to be messy. Let go and allow it to happen. 

xoxo- besitos,


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