Friday, September 16, 2011

SEVEN days of summer.

El Salvador trip Summer 2011

Oh how I love summer... You will have to excuse my excessive use of beach photos but I have been editing my El Salvador trip so this week I have been totally on a beach kick...but did you know that there are only SEVEN days left until the official day of Fall??? Despite my excitement for Fall (my favorite season) I still feel that Summer deserves attention... it's like skipping Thanksgiving and going right to fair.

So, I checked  SUMMER LIST... I still have a few things I need to do in one week. So, I think it is time to get cracking on crossing off the rest of the list. So, for the next SEVEN days...SEVEN days (why am I getting the creeps saying that...I feel like it's from a scary me out what movie) I am going to make it a point to live each and every day of the summer to the fullest. Starting now...better hop off.
Happy Friday!!

xoxo, besitos


  1. Ha ha, seven is supposed to be a lucky number- how did the ring ruin that one?

  2. Yes the Ring....Creepiest movie ever!!