Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Halloween Tradition...check.

Wiggle Worm... 
Can't get enough of his boots...we must live in Idaho. ;)
hours minutes of entertainment...
Auntie Dar and Uncle Tan
Wagon ride...going to get me some pumpkins....
Hurry no one is looking...
Think we found it...
Yup this is it.
Little Man's finds
Playing in the dirt...way cooler..
shot with our adopted pumpkin...
little excited.
very our pumpkins
Wagon ride back...Nap time after this is a must.

Did I seriously post that many photos? 
First of all, I am sorry for the millions of photos (and cheesy captions)...we just had SO much fun and of course we snap WAY too many photos ALWAYS!

Traditions are the glue that hold the family together and can create bonding and memories within a family that last forever.  I love love love them.

That is why I have decided every year in October- I want to go to a pumpkin patch and FIND THE PERFECT (or not so perfect) PUMPKIN... It will be our little tradition. 

I need more ideas...what are your family traditions in October?

 Read more about what Carleen Tanner says about family traditions here.


  1. I really love it Cristi! And I'm glad you posted a ton of photos with such cute captions. Great pictures!

  2. And I love to see that the little man is wearing the scarf we got him!! I never thought he'd actually keep it on. Joseph will be happy to hear it. :) See wasn't a waist after all.