Wednesday, October 5, 2011

rainy day = bandana day

Just getting back from a photo shoot tonight and working on some deadlines for the morning. So much I feel like writing about (it's been a little bit)...but my little brain feels too tired to really make a lot of sense.

It's been one of those days...
you know- the day where you neglect your hair by pulling it up back and disguising it with a bandana.

Rainy yet delightful.

I just felt like doing nothing but wrapping myself up in a blanket and cuddling with little man. (Too bad he's more into squirming then cuddling with mom)

Despite my desire to cozy up- realistically it had to be a full day of photo shoots, deadlines, phone calls, emails, editing,  and catching up from my week long trip to Salt Lake...

It's time to stop for the day.

Besitos, xoxo