Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trending right now...

Hey do you know what the hottest trend is right now? 


Baby Goo... on the shoulders. 

How do you get such a lovely accessory? 
Just carry around a baby or toddler after he has eaten a cookie and "Whala...Baby Goo!"
It's magic. 

SPECIAL TIP: It does help if your little one has a cold and has constant drip of snot running down his nose... that really adds a nice accent to your ensemble.  

Just sayin'. 


  1. Ha! Love this. Thus the reason I tend not to get too dressed up unless I'm going out. The accessory seems best worn at home, though I have known it to make an appearance or two in public. Usually when I'm meeting someone potentially "important. Such is the life of kids and moms. Gotta love it! :oP

  2. Agreed. It always is worn when you have somewhere to go to...;)