Friday, November 25, 2011


Thanksgiving is done and over you know what that means?
Today I am grateful for Christmas Music...isn't it the best?? 
And I have just the album... Mindy Gledhill's "Winter Moon!"
I can't stop listening to it... you'll want to hear it over and over and over again!

And the best part is that Mindy was gracious enough to give one of my lucky readers a chance to get a signed copy for FREE.

All you have to do is:
#1 Be a blog follower. Click here if you aren't already
#2 Head over to Mindy's Site and get to know her.  
#3 Lastly, Leave a comment on what your favorite Christmas Song is of all time!
This Giveaway ends Friday December 2nd at 11:59pm!!

Don't forget about Mindy's Benefit Show here in Boise: 

Tickets $18/adult or $12/child – Purchase at 



  1. Silent Night... Wishing I had more silent nights these days! ;-)

  2. Silver Bells - The perfect Christmas song! The lyrics are just PERFECT and the song makes you go cheerful!

  3. oh man. just one song!? i love all the classics, but i also love "the night before christmas."

  4. One song's too hard - there are multiple categories!! :) I'll go quirky and tell you my fave original pop holiday song: Last Christmas by Wham.

  5. My favorite Christmas song of all time- "O, Holy Night." The lyrics are so amazing! Seriously, read them if you've never really paid attention to them before.

  6. Bianca's singing Mary did you Know? tops them all!!

  7. I love them all but let's say: what chld is this for starters!

  8. I forgot to mention mine...maybe because I am not sure if this is the title...but it starts: "Baby it's cold outside...." Anyone know the song?

  9. I agree with Bianca. I love O, Holy Night. It's perfect.

  10. Cristi- You are correct... The song is called "Baby, It's Cold Outside". I love the conversation style of the lyrics, too!

  11. I got to go to Bianca and Mindy's concert in NY and they both were wonderful and the Christmas music Mindy sang was great. I don't know that I can pick only one Christmas song (I'm the nerd who listens to Christmas music in July if I can get away with it), but if I had to choose I think "O Holy Night" would be it... or "O Come O Come Emanuel" or "Sweet Little Jesus Boy." :)

  12. Love your voice and your music.
    And I love Christmas music... Can' t wait to hear your Christmas-CD.

    My favourite Christmas song??? Hmmm... It's hard to pick just ONE.

    "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" is beautiful. "Chestnuts roasting....." is beautiful too, as it brings the right Christmas spirit.

    Merry Christmas from Denmark...
    And your FAN Lisbet
    (and my husband Flemming who's a HUGE FAN of you as well)

  13. I love Mindy Gledhill.

    And I love "O Holy Night" (by Celine Deon) as my serious song. And "Santa Baby" as my fun song.

  14. Love love love her. I'm not going to be able to come to the concert in Boise and I'm so bummed. I hope she'll come back sometime! Choose one favorite song? Hard. But my top ones are Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, Baby it's Cold Outside, and Run Run Rudolph, because that's a little how I feel at this time of year.

  15. I love O Holy Night too, it always gives me chills. I also love the staples of my childhood. Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You." I will also love Nsync's christmas songs too!

  16. My favorite song is Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. it's upbeat and fun, and I think it brings out the fun of the holidays(:

  17. My favorite song is Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. it's upbeat and fun, and I think it brings out the fun of the holidays(:

  18. My favorite Christmas song is GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN...

  19. Mindy makes me soooo very happy!! I play her Anchor album for my 2nd graders. They love her too!!!! I'm addicted to her voice and her love for vintage clothing!!!

    My all time favorite Christmas song is Carol of the Bells. Just perfect to listen to at Christmas time. I also REALLY LOVE Mindy's Winter Moon song. I've heard her version with the puppets. :) I just love that voice!!! :)

    Yay for awesome artists like Mindy Gledhill!!!!!