Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2004...a day I will never forget.

Today, I am grateful for the blessing of ABUNDANCE that I have in my life. 
I am so blessed with  food, warm water, shelter, a comfortable bed, and a variety of clothes in my closet. 

Remember that photo I showed you a few posts back of the boy from the dumps? Well here is more to his story.

In 2004, as newlyweds, Brooks and I flew down to El Salvador and came upon a garbage man who let us take a drive on his truck or I should say Brooks- I was behind him filming. (I know random) Brooks was interested in filming a documentary and thought it would be a good adventure. When we arrived at the dump- words can't describe what we saw. As we approached the facility, the smell was so strong that I had to hold my breathe. That's when we saw it....hundreds of people (including small children) were collecting trash to take to the recycling facility in exchange for about one dollar for a days worth of work. What the?? We couldn't believe our eyes.

We knew we had to do something. 

Upon arrival back to the states, we immediately gathered our resources, raised some money, and were able to collect an entire container (40 feet by 10 feet tall) full of clothes, shoes, hygiene kits, and toys. What better time then around Thanksgiving to distribute our items.

It was that Thanksgiving that I will never forget. 

We spent it in the garbage dumps of El Salvador handing out the food and clothing for an entire community. We raised money to help a baker rebuild his oven that was destroyed by an earthquake. We gave jewelry and taught the women how to make items to sell. We fed and clothed the children.

Most importantly,  We became their friends. 

The images and their stories will be forever etched into our minds.
   If you want to read more you can find some articles Here  and here and here.

That was then...we were poor newly weds- so, obviously it was easier then. Wait, what? That can't be right...what is my excuse now when we actually have something to contribute? If two poor college kids could do it- then anyone can. What's holding me back? Inconvenience? Time? Being a mom? 

If I want to teach my children what my parents taught me growing up about serving...It's time to begin now.

Some of the friends we made that trip

This boy found an American flag and held it up. What a sign that we needed to do something.

This little boy stole my heart. 

We found this little boy eating fried chicken he found amongst the trash. The exact fried chicken from a place we ate that same day.

This little girl's name is Marisol. We fell in love with her too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
What are you grateful for today?



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  1. Thanks Cristi for posting this story and the pictures. Even though I was there, I still find it so easy to forget in the day to day. So thank you for the reminders. Love you and wish you a blessed Holiday.