Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am very excited to announce my very first blog post on the amazing website How Does She. If you haven't checked this site out- go here now!

It will make it's appearance tomorrow (Friday) bright and early so go over there and CHECK IT OUT ( I am under the "Fashion" category)...maybe even leave a comment! ;)

So, what is my post on you ask???
Well, you will just have to go over there and read...
but I will be nice enough to give you a sneak peak...

Now, for my Weeds to Wishes are some photos that didn't quite make the cut. My high heels were sinking into the soft muddy ground making it really hard to stand!

my heals are sinking in the mud...

Not sure how to, why not this?

can't keep my balance...

Well, that is all for now...GO CHECK OUT THE POST starting Friday morning!!
Besitos, xoxo

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  1. So glad this partnership worked out! Yay! Win-win! P.S. That iphone case in the next post is the coolest ever! Cassette tape... for real?? Love it!