Saturday, December 24, 2011

I heart wrapping paper...

One of the best things about giving a gift is the wrapping part.

Year after year, I set off to find the perfect wrapping paper and ribbon combo for my gifts. And once I have found it-  I sit in front of the fire with my wrapping paper and gifts all spread out...and I go to town.

The sound of paper cutting and  pieces of scotch tape tearing accompanies the Christmas Music (in this case Mindy Gledhill's Winter Moon) I have blaring through my speakers. 

I spend time mindfully placing the ribbon as I work on getting the bow just right. 

 Then, my favorite part...  with my best handwriting, I write on the tag who the gift belongs to and sit back and think of the person I am giving the gift to.

To me, taking the time to enjoy the act of giving gifts, not only brings the spirit of Christmas in my home, but it reminds me of the importance of the action to give...not the importance of what is in the box. I find that I develop a greater love for the person who I am giving to as I think of them while I am wrapping their gift.

It sounds silly I know.

But to me, that is what Christmas is all about. 
He gave us his only son to be born on this earth. 
That is an amazing gift that you can't even place in a box.
What do you do to bring  you in the Christmas Spirit?


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