Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meet Brynn...

Brynn at our filming of her video

It seems like in between changing a million runny diapers, church assignments, editing Christmas photos, and taking care of a sick extra needy little one,  I am having a hard time focusing. I sit down to write a post and the only thing I have on the brai  is our benefit concert coming up next Friday. Sorry if I am scattered lately!

Yikes... it is only 9 days away!

 I fall asleep and wake up to thinking about how we can market this show- where to drop off more fliers- who to email and call... what it will be like....will people show up?

  All the anxieties that come along with putting yourself out there.

It has been a tad more difficult marketing a benefit concert in the busy season of December- especially for something that most people are unfamiliar with: Rett Syndrome. I have to admit that I too didn't know much about it besides the brief mention in our text book.

Then, one day I was reading my friend Maren's blog and she had just discovered that her little girl, who once could say words,  had began to regress... the diagnosis...Rett Syndrome. I couldn't imagine as a mother what that would feel like and I found my self sobbing as I read her honest and heart fealt posts. 

Then, soon after,  I met another little girl in my church named Brynn who also had Rett Syndrome. She has won the hearts of those she comes in contact with. Her beautiful smile is the only thing you can focus on, for Brynn always seems to be smiling.   I had heard that she was a really big fan of Mindy Gledhill and her music is the only thing that soothes her when she becomes upset.

So, when I contacted Mindy about coming and doing a show here in Boise- she was thrilled to help us with the cause. 

Here is a little video on Rett Syndrome to understand more about it. 

Don't forget! to spread the word- if you aren't local.
 You can get your tickets or donate your ticket to someone if you can't attend.
For purchasing or donating go here. - every dollar counts!

I can't wait for next Friday!



  1. love that smile! she does remind me of leah. and it looks like miss brynn grinds her teeth just as much as miss leah!? :) i'm gonna link to this post if that's okay...

  2. Of course you can link to the post! More to come of Brynn!

  3. Hooray! So excited to do this show and to meet Brynn!