Monday, December 19, 2011

One little snag in the plans...

Well, the concert was a HUGE success. More details of that to come real soon. But for now- I  am returning to my regularly scheduled program... well almost-  don’t be mad at me k- because I am skipping music Monday… If you really are in the mood for some Music Monday- go here because I posted two on How Does She. 

It’s my anniversary today… yep mister and I have been married 8 years.
We have this tradition where we take turns every year planning for our anniversary and this year it’s my year.  Last week, I  (still have) amazing plans to celebrate ( they are top secret)…however, it there was one slight snag...

Remember my post about Poop facial? and Remember Cabo? Well, I think these two have something to do with each other  because Little Man’s poops was just as DISCUSSING...and I mean DEESCUSSSSTING!  For week, I found myself changing at least four or five of those nasty blow outs a day! So, I took him into to see a doctor. I was certain he had some bug from the pool water in Cabo. 

So, off we went early that morning (the same day we were going to head up to our anniversary adventure)

And just as I suspected, there wasn’t a whole lot they could do but send me on my way with a small plastic container asking for a poop sample... but not just any sample- it had to be a sample from his potty…oh yah… and with nothing but poop.

 “Um, we are just starting potty training and he has only pooped in the potty  like a handful of times?” I said as I looked puzzled at the nurse. Surely she didn’t think it would be possible for us to master this task without getting any urine in it. “That is where saran wrap comes in real handy,” she replied smiling and walked out the door. 

That part was a lie. (I know because I tried) What two year old is going to be cool with you saran wrapping his man part? Paleeze. 

So, we went home and pulled off the diaper and had a picnic with the potty, snacks, and some Disney Channel while we waited… and waited…and waited…and waited some more.


End result?
Postponing my amazing anniversary plans for another day.

That is okay....

Because once we got our sample turned into the lab- we had the most amazing day together as a family cutting down our Christmas Tree.

I wouldn't want to celebrate 8 years any other way.

More of that tomorrow.


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  1. Ha ha, this post made me laugh out loud (for reals). Too funny.