Thursday, January 26, 2012

Egg Nog and Mickey Mouse Rehab

Toddlers. One moment they are laughing and the next moment crying. And I am left scratching my head. Who is this kid?

Then there are the things as a mom I wish I had never introduced him to...first would be Egg Nog. 

Little man lives for his sippy and continually asks (or should I say BEGS) for Egg Nog (yes we have a years worth of Egg Nog in the freezer) and it is a little ridiculous. I have slowly been able to substitute it with chocolate milk without too much complaining... now, is there a way to get rid of the chocolate? 

His other request and my other mistake...Mickey Mouse. He is obsessed. His teacher at school told me he talks about Mickey mouse non stop... it's a problem.

This is him watching (note the remote control in hand) and not being able to look at me for more than one second before he is glued back to the tv. 
Mickey mistake.

We are now in Egg Nog and Mickey Mouse, I am going to be expecting a lot of crying, whining, and tantrums.

Can we handle this?

I have been reading our  giveaway book "The Happiest Toddler on the block" and if you haven't it NOW- time is running out... so, go here.

Here are some main points of what I have read so far...

-Toddlers are like uncivilized cave-people (so true)
- Our homes tend to be either too boring or too stimulating for our toddlers 
-The toddler’s brain struggles with language and logic (especially when upset)

Now Dr. Kar...what do we do with this?...stay tuned and find out...OR enter here to see if you get the book!!



  1. Man, so true. I can't wait to hear how your "rehab" goes with this little guy. I'm having similar issues, not with my own children, but some of the younger children at the pre-school I work at. I'm looking forward to hearing the things you've learned from that book.

  2. That is the best book for little guys. I read it when Mia was about a year and a half and starting to reveal her fiesty side. It has so many great ideas and I think understanding why they are a little unreasonable makes it easier to cope through a tantrum. As far as rehab goes...I think weaning and substituting works. You might try "playing" Mickey, you as Minnie/Daisy and your little guy as Mickey/Donald/etc. It turns his passion for the mouse into a chance for you guys to connect. Also you might try only serving the eggnog/choc milk in a real cup. He can have it but he has to sit at the table and drink it like a big boy. Not as fun.