Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 gifts of Valentines....

Sigh. I just LOVE love... therefore, I LOVE Valentines Day.
The 7 day countdown to Valentines begins!
But this year,  Valentine's Day is not only about thinking of that special man in my life but it also means thinking of my little man as well!

Last week at play group, a friend made a comment that has carried over into this week and it was how one of the greatest lessons of unselfishness in this life is that of being a mother. So, true. 

It is difficult to continually be focusing on one owns desires when there is a little toddler who is tugging at you for his need of his "chockit" milk or a bike ride around the block, or even just a snuggle from time to time.

From the moment they arrive in this world, we are essentially their lifeline. They need us to thrive. And there is no walking away from that. 

He is so much a part of me and I am so much a part of him. In fact, young infants don't even know they are separate from their mother for a long time!  We are one.

Therefore, even as I sit down to write in my blog- the thoughts of motherhood come poring into my mind... that's it I have officially turned into a mommy blogger- can you blame me...there is nothing I love more than my little family.

not even oreos.

 What can I do to be a better mother and wife? Every day this week I am going to share one thing I am working on to strive to just be a little better than the day before.
Warning: I am on parenting class mode...I have been once again taking another semester of Carleen Tanner's Positive Parenting Class and am constantly feeling inspired- so you may be hearing several thoughts the next few weeks as I am pondering our discussions.
She challenged us this month on making every one of our children feel as though they are our favorite child.

And I loved that idea and I am going to try that with both my husband and little man.

To me, it means individually building a relationship with each one. 
Taking the time to make them feel that they are so important to us- that they are our favorite.

I know I know- easy for me to say since I only have one little one at home. But I want to make this a habit so I can to it with each one of my children one day...

So today's GIFT:

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