Monday, February 6, 2012

Friendship coaching

7 DAYS and counting for Valentines Day!!! YAY! I love Valentine's Day!

 But don't forget your little valentines this year! I'll be posting 7 gifts you can give your children this year to celebrate the week of Valentine!

As for today, I am over here at How Does She talking about how to be a "friendship coach" with our children and the benefits of positive social peer interaction. It is something that can often go overlooked.

Although, I think every child may need a little "friendship coaching" here and there-
 Here are some signs that they may benefit from additional help:

-Lacks at least one or two close mutual friends of his or her same age
-Invades personal space of others
-Has an abnormally loud or soft voice when speaking to others
-Seems ignored or victimized by peers
-Has trouble winning or loosing gracefully
-Doesn’t show empathy when others are hurt or rejected
-Acts bossy or insists on having everything their way
-Constantly tease other children
-Doesn’t attend to facial expressions or nonverbal cues
-Doesn’t make eye contact when speaking or listening to others

Check out some pointers here  on three ways to coach your little ones some social skills. Don't hesitate to seek out additional professional help!

 Also BONUS...We are also making these "friendship bracelets" and singing and dancing along to Bee's Friendship Song!! Did you know that she just started her blog?? This week she is counting down to Valentine's with her thoughts about love and music. Go check her out!