Friday, May 25, 2012

After all it is just food.

Where does a person go out to eat when they are doing a vegan - raw food- diet?

Why here of course.
Today marks the official day of the end of our 30 day cleanse- actually it was more like 40 due to Mister being out of town but who's counting.

But to be honest, I have mixed emotions...on one hand I am excited to actually go out with my mister to a sit down restaurant and order from an actual menu.
 But on the other hand- I am a bit sad.
 I am not sure why? 
Perhaps because I'm involved in a love affair with my juicer and am afraid to let go. Perhaps I am afraid that the weight that I shed will begin to creep back or that I will go back to my old habits.

When I tell a person that we are doing the cleanse- they usually respond back, "I could never do that." and to that I say-  "Yes you could." You could if you wanted something bad enough. I would do this forever if it meant that one day I could cradle a little new born in my arms again.

After all,  it's just food.

(gasp!) I can't believe I just said that.
This is coming from the girl who could put down an entire burger, fries, and a drink no problem...then order something from the dessert menu- all while her husband ordered a measly salad.

 But I am a new woman.

To prove this point, I have had a pack of mint Oreos in my pantry yearning for me to crack it open and dip those chocolate goodness in a cup of chilled milk. I have fantasized about this moment. I even opened up the pack once and just inhaled them... yes. It's true.
But honestly I just don't care that much.

...and as an extra bonus...little man has been eating raw food as a default. He actually loves and asks for fruit, veggies, and nuts instead of the usual American highly processed gold fish, fruit snacks, and graham crackers! (except chocolate milk- he has an addiction)


Even the Mister is converted to our new life style.

I once heard that "If you feel hungry- try eating an apple- and if that doesn't sound satisfying then ask yourself what is really going on...perhaps something more than hunger."
Often times for me this is true. Food is used to be my comfort.
Today, it is... just food.

I think after this I could almost be a vegan. Almost.

Maybe during the weekdays.


P.S. if you want something inspiring to watch this weekend- check these two movies out:


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that this post inspired me to do a juice fast! However, I didn't quite make it to 30 days totally juicin but I did do 7 days and that was quite an accomplishment for me! Thanks for the inspiration Cristi!! :)