Monday, May 21, 2012

My Date with our Summer Jars.

It is time for my annual summer list .
You know the list that little man and I must complete before summer is over. We almost completed the list last year!

And this year I have made Summer Jars to help us get started.
I will be showing you how to make these lovelies next Tuesday on How Does She.  So, get excited.

Our Summer list?

Fly a kite
Dandelion blowing
Catching butterflies
Water fight
Camping in the backyard
Making a fort
Blow bubbles
Make sandcastle
Stare at the clouds
Go to the Zoo
Go to the art Museum
Finger Paint
Sidewalk chalk
Scavenger Hunt
Bike Ride
Feed the birds
Roast marshmellos
Rolling down a grassy hill
Walk the dog
Bug catching
Pinterst craft
Paper airplane contest
Plant flowers
Learn to paint something new
Learn to draw something new
Photo walk
Slip n Slide
Water balloon fight
5 dollars at dollar store
Water Park
Have a Happy unbirthday
Make Homemade Lemonade
Make homemade bread
Photo Walk
Downtown Walk
Farmers Market
Plant something
Italian Sodas
Go on a hike
Botanical Gardens
Ice Cream in Hyde Park
Snow Shack visit
Sew something
Play Horseshoe
Throw a football around
Summer vacation
McCall, ID
Service Project
Bon Fire
Soccer Game
Try a new park

Words from Cristi the Counselor:
 I can't stress enough as a counselor working with children how important it is to continue a routine in the summer. Too often children who seem to do well during the school year struggle in the summer due to a lack of structure and boredom.  I am not saying plan every waking moment- but plan activities that still keep your children challenged, learning, working, creating, playing, and exercising. Not only will they be that more prepared for the next grade but they won't come to you grumbling about being bored. has some great and FREE printables for a reading activity for your kiddos-  Check it out here- it made me wish Little Man was reading so we could get started on this fun game!

Some ideas to keeping kids engaged in a summer routine are:
-Plan ahead and create a daily schedule (see here for my visual schedule tutorial)
-Have a set time they wake up every morning- same with bedtime.
-Pay to play- work first and then play.
-Don't forget  to schedule special play time
-Hang a sign on your outside doorknob that tells neighborhood kids when your kids are and are not available to play.
-Limit TV time
-Create a Summer Jar (check out tomorrow for tutorial)

Don't let this Summer get away from you!

Seize the day. 

I want to know what's on your Summer list?


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I cannot wait to make these with my daughter for summer fun. I am a teacher and always looking for ideas to keep both of us engaged during the summertime.