Thursday, August 2, 2012

Date night to disaster poopy night.

Thank you for all the responses and ideas on my potty training dilemma- I am compiling a list of comments and will put together a post real soon.
I do have to tell you about what has brought us to this point...

It started two weeks night. I had been looking forward to a little fancy dinner before we attended the Fusion Awards where Proof was nominated for two awards.

Me: in my grandmother's vintage lace dress and tall leopard print stilettos. 
The Mister: looking good in his suit and tie. 
Little Man: in his superman shirt and a cute little bare bum. 

He  just had gone poop in the toilet spontaneously and we had just celebrated by dancing and eating lolly pops. But just one problem... I didn't put his underwear back on. I really don't know why- I figured that he just pooped on the potty- no way he would poop again right away- let the kid be free for a moment.
And then...
 Just as we were about to run out the door- He came upstairs to show me the poop trail leading from his legs to the MY RUG!! 
This can't be happening...there I was in my dress... in my heals... cleaning up a pile of  POOP. 
30 minutes later
We finally made it to the door where I had left the garbage bag full of the clean up mess...
but it wasn't was scattered all over the floor...on another rug was the pile of poop I just had cleaned up...

Our lovely dog Guapo decided to rummage through it...
 I sent everyone to the car (except Guapo, he was sent outside) and I once again got down on my hands and knees in my black vintage lace dress and stilettos and cleaned up once again another mess.


Needless to say, we missed our fancy dinner and ran into Costa Vida all dressed up for a salad on the go.

Not what I had in mind.

It was then when I decided to give up the potty battle. 

Totally not worth it.

This night just may top the Poop facial episode we had last year. 


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  1. Ugh that sounds awful! I'm so so sorry! Good news is, I'm happy I found your blog! You have a beautiful family and take gorgeous photos! So glad we're HDS pals! ;)