Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Any other Gleeks out there?

{Nap-time Confession}

You know you have a problem when you find yourself often daydreaming about having a live band playing your favorite song while you belt out the solo (on pitch) and dance around in sync with other random strangers who join in all knowing the same song and same dance moves as if they were all long lost friends.

Yes that happens to me. Not just once but pretty much every day. 

I blame Glee.

Before you judge- because I know Glee has been criticized- I have to mention that I have only seen a number of old episodes that they have on Netflix and it is from those episodes- that I am officially a gleek.

There I said it. I am a gleek.

I just love the dancing- the music... the awkward characters...
... maybe a little too much.

I even have Mister watching with me at night before going to bed... it is my current guilty pleasure.

Don't you wish every day was a musical- people dancing and singing in sync to lyrics that represent their exact feelings at that exact moment.

It would be amazing.

That is all.


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