Friday, December 7, 2012

December challenge: Live for Others.

I have loved November's challenge so much that I have had a hard time letting it go. But it's time for my December challenge...

Let me give you background on this photo- although it is not my favorite photo of me- (are my sideburns seriously that noticable?) it is a memory.

Meet my friend Carlos. 
I met him while I was on this vacation last Thanksgiving in Cabo. 

I had set a goal for myself to find someone I could serve while I was in Mexico- but honestly didn't have a clue on who or how.  
So, I prayed. 
I prayed that my heart would be touched in some way and I would find a way to serve someone while I was there- even if by small and simple things.

So, I began to take notice in everyone around me- hoping that I could find a way to serve. And one day while I was playing on the beach-I saw this man standing patiently smiling at everyone walking by with the harsh sun beaming down on his wrinkled skin. Something about him radiated. So, I approached him and started conversation.  He told me of his family, his life, and his humble home.  I had that feeling in my heart- the one I was looking for. 

Later on that week-  I asked him what a day's worth of sales were- he told me. I told him I wanted to give him the day off to be with his family and purchased enough of his silver jewelry to do that. We kept in touch during our stay and on the last day as we  were cleaning out the fridge I had a prompting to set aside all the food (including a ton of fish the guys caught while fishing) and water we would be throwing out and bringing it down for him to take home to his family. I wish you could have seen his expression. One of gratitude. Carlos touched my life and taught me so much more than he will ever know. While he spent 8 to 10 hours walking up and down the beach- we got to enjoy a lazy day of beach time. Yet, he was so kind, so happy, and so patient with his work... with his life. I won't ever forget him. 

And I really won't. 
He gave me a gift. A necklace he hand picked for me.

 Every time I look down at it- I am reminded to step out of myself for a moment and remember all those who are in need of a small and simple thing. 

As we celebrate and remember the birth of Christ- I am reminded of all the simple kind deeds He did for those around him...for us today. He truly lives for others... and I think we can find a way to do so as well...even on vacation...even when it's not December.

This challenge was inspired after I had recently heard of a family adopting "Live for Others" as their family motto. Every week they would go around the room and ask each other how they had lived for others that week.

It got me thinking. 

Thinking back to this post I posted last November about charity being a condition of the heart and we can go in and out of phases of how much we are willing to serve. 

I want to strive to seek out opportunities- whether great or small and be at #5. 

Doesn’t want to serve.

Does it but complains.
Serves out of duty not joy.
Willing to give the time required when asked.
Seeks out ways to serve others

This is going to be a great month. I can feel it. I love this time of the year.

Your specific challenge is to: 
Take notice of those around you... and seek out at least one person to a small and simple thing for.

More to come.


  1. Good for you. I've been impressed with all your blog posts (I have you on my reader feed). I did not know you well in high school and you've impressed me with your service and love for others. I want to take your challenge. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful example. Thank you for sharing & encouraging.