Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Watch out...There's some Nesting Going up in Here.

About two years ago I came upon this cute little egg... so I took a picture of it. I have a weird thing for nests and eggs...and was excited!

Then out of nowhere came this mom bird...she puffed up her chest and stared me down...I took this one measly photo...and backed away slowly.

For the next few days I watched this mama bird sit on the roof of the neighbors house keeping watch over her little one. She would stare down anyone who dared to come close.

Lately, I can relate to this mama bird.
 Pregnancy brings out the protective and dare I say- ornery side of me. I apologize in advance in you ever have to witness it.

But this past week my mama bird has been paired with the intense desire to NEST!

I am not sure if it's the fact that I am starting to realize that I only have a few months before I am a mother of TWO but my mind is constantly racing with ideas on all the things that need organizing, fixing, rearranging, etc.
It doesn't turn off.
I wake up in the middle of the night planning.... planning for when he will be here...what will it be like...what do I need to have ready...etc. And the inability to not be able to just get up right then and start moving furniture around kills me!

Not to mention, the lack of sleep mingled with my racing brain has totally affected my mom factor the last few days... I feel unavailable, preoccupied, impatient, and really just plain grouchy. And apparently it has been rubbing off on Little Man because he seems to be feeling extra emotional, needy, and impatient as well. Or does it just seem that way because I feel less patient? It's like I am in a hurry to be somewhere... but where? It's as though I have to have it all together and life figured out by do I stop? As much as this instinct is a blessing it makes it so difficult to enjoy the moment. I am always thinking about what has to get done for the future- how can I get back to being in the moment?

Well I think I found the cure...I wrote the above paragraph yesterday during nap-time... and since then I had my little man up in the middle of the night with severe growing pains- so bad in fact that he even threw up from the pain. It was then that the burdens that I had placed on myself were lifted and I could just focus on enjoying the moment of spending the night cuddling my baby or actually my not-so-baby boy.

Hopefully, this feeling stays around.
besitos, xo


  1. i feel like my brain also doesnt turn off. its always those moments that are unplanned that catch us off guard and make us slow down. :) sad that he was hurtin but glad you had such a sweet moment :)
    AND super glad i found your blog via instagram ;)

  2. Congratulations! This is the best thing, Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.