Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday...How to turn a 20 minute task into a 4 hour one.

For the past few weeks I have been teaching a parenting curriculum called Child Parent Relationship Training (otherwise known as Filial Therapy) that I will tell you more about soon- and it has been so much fun to listen to these moms who have such different situations in their lives but can relate to one another with the pure experience in itself of being a mom. I am just always so amazed at how fabulous mothers are. We really have such an important job that we do every day while we juggle everything else we have going on! It's amazing. 

So, in honor of the crazy lifestyle of a mom- my Flashback Friday I reflect on this feeling I had (here ) of being a new mom for  just under 8 weeks and adapting to the new life of a mother and trying to meet his needs while doing a simple task that used to just take 20 minutes tops!

Note to self: You can not start and stop the process of rice crispee treats... hardened marshmallow equals impossibleness to cut and clean up.

Date: April 14th, 2010 
So, I was in charge of our combined Young Woman and Young Men's activity last week and thought I would make an easy treat for about 50, what is more simple than a little Rice Crispee Treat right? A little butter, some marshmallows, and rice crispees thrown together and VUALA- Pure yumminess!  No problem...20 minutes max right? How about almost 4 HOURS!!! This is how my day went:

12:10 pm- With Little Man sleeping in his crib, I ventured into the kitchen and went to work taking out the ingredients and warming up the butter and marshmallow mixture. 

12:20- I was in the middle of mixing the warm marshmallows and butter mixture when I heard Little Man begin to cry.... Being a new mom that shutters to the sound of her baby crying- I stopped mid stir and ran to his rescue. 

12:50- With a full belly, Nixon rested in my arms not wanting to be put down while I re-heated the mixture and began to stir...this time it being almost impossible with one hand- quite the arm workout! One handed, I tipped the rice crispee cereal in the mixture and tried stirring it in a bowl only to realize my bowl was too small and it came pouring over the bowl and all onto the counter top. Oops!

1:00- with the bowl overflowing of sticky marshmallows mess and rice crispees spread all across the counter, I grabbed another bowl with my sticky marshmallow hand and attempted to transfer the now hardened mixture into a larger one to finish stirring and then transfered it again to a glass dish...not an easy task for the one handed.

1:15- With one batch finished, I starting the process over (one handed)... lets just say it was nearly impossible yet a humorous balancing act.

1:20- Fed-ex man at the door- my hands covered in marshmallow goo and literally stuck to the wooden spoon...I opted to ignore it. 

1:45-  Nixon is hungry AGAIN...time to feed.

2:20- Continued where I left off now with Nixon now in a sling. 

2:45- Phone rings and I run to get it stepping on melted marshmallow goo that had fallen onto the floor. I then scramble to rinse my foot off in the sink to only run over it again while running to the phone.  I missed the phone call.

3:15- Tried cutting treats with a heart cut out... nearly impossible to do. 

3:45- Giving up after cutting out 30 hearts I finished cutting them with a bread knife.

4:00- Finished. Exaughisted. Time to clean up the disaster mess... after taking a few photos of course.

How did a 20 minute recipe turn into a 4 hour mess?

Besitos, XO

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