Thursday, May 9, 2013

My last two cents...

I have begun to realize that this monthly challenge to unplug (which has been going on for several months) is an on going thing for me and my family..not something that can be accomplished in a matter of a  month or two... or three.  Living in this day and age- it will be a continual thing and adjustment. So, don't freak out if you feel like you are not where you want to be. We are all in the same boat!

But here is one last official post (I am sure there will be more to come on this topic) but first I wanted to turn your attention over to my post at How Does She right here- if you haven't read it already. After unplugging in my home with my family I have learned so many things about myself and my son...that I had to share. And sadly, the photo below is a real photo- not staged of me holding my son, walking across a street and checking my phone.

 I do know that I feel strongly about this topic as a mother and as a counselor. I am really noticing an impact on children and teens that I have worked with and it is what got me worried to begin with.

But the most important thing I have learned is that IT STARTS WITH ME!! And it is not easy because like I said in the post- I am not willing to ask something of my child that I am not willing to do myself. I have to be the example. 

Today my son begged but I mean begged and pleaded with me to watch a TV show after dinner.  I have to admit that I considered it completely knowing the difficulty he would have around bedtime getting to sleep.

 But I had to ask myself- what is my motive here for having him watch TV? Was it because I would really love to finish this blog post that I started several days ago and finish some photos I need to edit on the computer...or because I really feel like it would be a great and healthy activity for him to engage in before bedtime. 

I knew I wanted to get my stuff done...

So, I said no.

He cried.

Then, I forced myself to be present and we painted a birdhouse and made bird nests together- thanks to our BabbaCo box! I loved the time and moment we had together and I won't ever forget it- way better than any task that had to get done. But I have to admit- the itch to get stuff done first is always there and it takes effort to ignore and wait for a better time to do it. 

He is now asleep as I finish this post and I am happy that I can go to bed with a full heart of the memories we made today. Plus we learned all about birds- how fun is that? What if I had said yes to TV? What memory would have I missed out on?

I am not saying get rid of technology all together- although there are moments that I wish we could go back to the simple times of life...but I think it is just something to be aware of. There are a lot of studies out there proving some serious effects particularly in young children and it is good to be informed.

So, if this is something you are interested in finding more about- you can go to  where they have a great amount of interesting info about statistics and effects on children  you can read right here. Check out this video of statistics:

Then, I think I have mentioned this before- but you have to see this documentary if you can with your family...this is what motivated my media detox and it was amazing to find out all the research and books written on the subject!

With that being said,  I think I am ready to move on to a new challenge which I will share with you in my next post.

besitos, xo

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  1. i loved reading this, thanks for the inspiring tips cristi!