Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teaching your children GRATITUDE through photography.

I just love when I can sit here in silence while BOTH my kids are sleeping. MMMM.... so refreshing to just be alone for a few moments before these two wake up and life gets hustling and bustling again. We all need a little moment right? I can actually hear my thoughts in my head.
Well...I have a thought I have been wanting to share for some time now and that's teaching children how to have a grateful heart.

Want to incorporate gratitude in your child's life? Give them a camera.

Ask them to snap shots of things they are grateful for and see what they come up with. Heck- do it yourself and see what you come up with! If they are too young to really get what gratitude means- tell them to shoot things they love and that make them happy. Most kids can understand that. 

Babbaco has their gratitude boxes you can buy which includes this camera. Little man snapped shots last week...
And I am just DYING to see what is on this camera! With being sick all week we haven't left the house much and I haven't made it to drop off this disposable camera! Sheesh-I forgot what photography was like back in the days when you had to WAIT for your photos! It's so hard!!

Anyhow- we are going to paste his photos in a little mini gratitude journal. So, get a camera and start letting them take some photos. I will show you what we come up with once the photos are back!


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