Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sick Day...5

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We are on sick day number 5 over that normal? Now seems like Little man is starting to feel better just in time for me to get the bug- I am sure it's only a matter of time before The Mister gets its too. Yep I knew those snuggles with sick kids may end up like this but- what is a girl to do when your little boy's limp body is  tempting you to snuggle away? 

I admit it- my boys milk sick days. Doesn't every boy (insert husband or boyfriend)? They. can't. seem. to. lift. their. own. straw. to. their. mouth. I mean that's normal right? Little man will call me from another room so that I can help him drink or wipe his nose when everything he needs is just right there in front of him! Okay so I probably do some over-nurturing but I just feel so bad... Wish I could take on their sickness so they didn't have to feel that way. Oh wait I did take it on... but only after they were feeling a bit better. Hmmm well- then who takes care of mommy?
(Crickets chirping)
 We suck it up and pound those vitamin Cs from Costco. Don't you love those? Then we face the aches... then battle with...full. blown. chills. 

That's where I am at.
It's amazing how being sick makes me all of a sudden hyper aware of my body. I can't help but just feel. 

 I become very aware of the bland taste of food in my mouth as is it then painfully slides down my throat making the swallowing sound followed by a painful expression.  I become aware of the soft fluffy fabric that hugs my feet. I love socks! I am aware of the toasty pjs against my skin for I put them on immediately from the dryer. Mmmm... Feels so warm. Then 10 minutes later regretting it because I am burning up and everything to the touch feels icy cold!
Anyhow... You get the picture. Ouch I just yawned... Painful! 

 I challenge you to be a little more aware of your body today while you aren't sick! And if you are having a sick day too-wishing you health and happiness from my bed to yours!

besitos, xo

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