Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: Cute or Creepy?

I can't decide which.

Before I knew about the very popular Elf on the Shelf (I wish I came up with that genious million dollar idea)  we used to have this cute little Elf named Peep that I got here.  But this year  "Elfie" (my son is very original when it comes to naming) came into our lives complete with the book and DVD as a gift and I was excited to see what he thought! 

It's funny because I promised myself when I had kids that I wouldn't use Santa or elves to threaten them to be "good." It just doesn't sit well with me for some reason to say to my child, "Santa is watching you so you better be good." What does "good" mean anyway? Aren't all kids "Good?" If there is a good... there must be a bad? And what does a kid have to do to be "bad" and make it on the naughty list? I never quite knew what that meant as a kid- come to think of it I never knew a kid to get coal in his stocking?

 Yet as much I as I tried bringing this Elf in to our home as just a fun tradition to have- I still  found myself saying, "sure hope the elf isn't watching" or even worse, "I bet that the elf feels sad when you behave this way."


It goes against how I felt but I still  resorted to threatening and using guilt to manipulate my child... which by the way didn't even seem to make a difference in his tantrum episode- in fact I think it made it worse!

Don't get me wrong- I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE traditions like the elf- but I want to reframe the use of these  little guys and have been thinking of how I could tweak this tradition into something that promoted a grateful heart instead of the entitlement that this season can bring to our kiddos. 

And then I came across this post from The Imagination Tree about starting a tradition of "Kindness Elves" who come into the home and teach kindness and ways to serve one another.

LOVE that idea!

It has my wheels in my head turning and I am coming up with my own variation that I will share with you! For now go check out her Facebook page if you haven't already and see these little Kindness Elves in action!

besitos, xo


  1. I see that little elf everywhere now, and had no idea what it was. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the idea of the kindness elf. I think elf on the shelf is creepy.