Monday, January 13, 2014

Praying for Patience.

Awwww back to reality. 

We have escaped the responisbilities of real life pretty much for the past four weeks. From the sparkling snowy woods of McCall, Idaho to the tropical paradise with my family in the Dominican Republic. 

It has been heavenly.

Any established routine or schedule has been thrown out the window... along with a decent bedtime and healthy eating habits. Also Heavenly.

 And let me tell you... We are paying for it. BIG time.

This past week has been adjustment week at our house... and it has been tough. Not to mention we had the attack of the killer pink eye in our home along with snow storms, teething, and car troubles to make matters worse... Fatigue, impatience, and just plain grumpiness has plagued my home. Could it be post holiday blues? Does anyone else feel this way? 

And as a result? A very emotional/whiny and hyper active three-year-old (and mommy).

 We have had a few rough moments to say the least. I was beginning to wonder where that sweet three almost four year old disappeared to.  So much so that I got down on my knees and pleaded for the Lord to bless me with patience, love and a way to help my Little Man. At that moment, Little Man just happened to walk into the room were I was kneeling and asked what I was doing. Tears streamed down my face and I told him- "Praying for more patience and asking Heavenly Father to guide me in knowing how I can help you." Just then, he leaped into my arms knocking me over on my back. We embraced each other and both sobbed. Our relationship and trust was beginning to rebuild after the difficult confrontations we had  that week. 

Later as I was putting him to bed he asked to play pretend with his "doggies." I agreed  and he guided me through his play. I watched as he said a prayer for his doggies that he could protect and love them as their Father. Through that tender moment I understood what he needed from me...To protect and to love him...most importantly to have patience.

Here is to the beginning of a new week!
besitos, xo


  1. Hi Cristi,

    I left you a comment in your other blog but haven't heard from you yet.
    Please contact me, you won my giveaway into 21 SECRETS.

    Alma Stoller

  2. oh my gosh, i love that kid. hope everything is getting better over there!

  3. I agree Dar. I seriously love that kiddo so much. I have been praying for him too sister. Love you!