Friday, January 17, 2014

Art Journaling Prompt: A Fresh Start.

Januray to me is missing something... I mean does anyone else feel like there is a huge void from the holidays...we need a major holiday in January to ease us into the year and get us out of the funk! 

How about celebrating and doing some ART JOURNALING!!!! It's a great way to relax, ponder, and meditate! And perfect to do along side of your kiddos as well!!

Okay-I know art journaling can seem... well... overwhelming. Who has the time right? We are all so busy...that is why it has taken me only two weeks to get this post up! 

But I am ready... and I have decided to break it down where all you have to do is spend 15 minutes a week or at the end of the month you could do the entire page if you have a bigger chunk of time and would rather do it that way. 

So. go grab a snack and put on some soft tunes...I for some reason chose honey-nut cheerios and almonds. It's actually a great combo! Who knew.

Close your eyes...well after you read what I have written- and think back to the past year. Think of all the great moments...not so great moments and anything in between. How fast time flies by. It feels like yesterday you were there...or maybe it feels like an eternity. Now, jot down thoughts and memories that come to mind from the last year.  No need to put value on it as good or bad- just put it down.

Now whether you had an amazing past year or hardships came your's time for a fresh start and clean slate. Choose a color that reflects your mood. Don't think too hard- whatever you are gravitated to. I was in the mood of I chose yellow.

Now squirt it out on your paper and paint over your words...

Now you have a fresh start to your art Journal...and a fresh start to the new year.

Let it dry...and it's ready for next week's prompt.
See not so bad right?

Happy Weekend! 
Besitos, xo

P.S. Materials used
-Art Journal
-Acrylic Paint
-Paint Brush

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